Antifouling a boat is not as simple as just cleaning the hull and slapping on a couple of coats. Antifoul works to a certain micron depth so once they drop below the prescribed depth, they stop working. It follows that if you put on twice the micron depth it will wear down to that minimum level and that's where it stops working. If you put on three times the amount you get twice as much life out of it. So what you put on will determine how long it is going to last.

Antifoul works best when the same antifoul system is used, from the primers through to the final antifoul.

There are different antifoul paints for different applications, such as for high speed boats, or  boats that sit in marinas for months on end.

Antifoul must also be compatible with the antifoul already on the boat.

Learn more about the right antifoul for your boat with George Filippow in this short video